Welcome! The articles on this website were written for those who are diligently searching for truth within the pages of the Bible and uncovering, for themselves, God’s plan and purpose for this world.

Who We Are…

The Christadelphians

This site is run by the Christadelphians. We are a worldwide community of men and women who base our beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it as fully inspired by God. The name “Christadelphian” was first used in the mid-1800s, but there have been people throughout history who have believed as we do.

We are united by a shared faith based on the Holy Scriptures, and we look forward eagerly to the completion of God’s plan for the world and mankind – the setting up of God’s kingdom when Jesus returns to the earth as God’s appointed King.

You can find us almost anywhere in the world, though in some countries, being too open can put one’s life at risk. In other countries (e.g. Africa), there are tens of thousands of Christadelphians. North America, United Kingdom, and Australia was the early home for Christadelphians.

Like the early Christians, we meet in our homes, or rented rooms, or in our own halls. During the week, we get together for Bible study, and on Sundays, we remember in the way Jesus appointed through partaking of bread and wine what God has done for us in Christ.

So, why do we host a site like this? Because we are convinced that you can understand the Bible message for yourself if only you will begin to read it and think about it. It truly is life changing.

To explore more what we are like as a people, go to the article “Meeting God, His Son, and His Family”. To explore more of the teaching and guidance we have found in the Bible, read through any of the other articles.

Your questions and comments are always welcome!

The Tidings

The Tidings is a Christadelphian publishing organization. We produce books on various Bible subjects, generally for the use of Christadelphians, but also for the general public. We also produce booklets like those on this site.

Our other major project is the production of a monthly magazine called “The Christadelphian Tidings” for Christadelphians living in North America. This is designed to help bind us together into a common community that values and believes God’s Word.