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Is a better
world possible?

A vision of the future world promised by God

A better world? Isn’t this what motivates many people? Reforms of all kind continue to be tried. Many have sacrificed time, money, and even their lives in the pursuit of a better world, a world without poverty, without injustice and evil; a place where children can grow without fear of the devastations from war, of abuse and neglect, of poverty and malnutrition… continue reading

Antichrist—a word that may incite a sense of anxiety or dread. Who really is the Antichrist? What does he have to do with possibly the greatest case of mistaken identity in all history? This article will take you through a fascinating exploration of the antichrist: from a recounting of the modern Christian teaching, to the Bible description of antichrist, to a history of the development of antichrist ideas, all leading to an astonishing, and challenging, conclusion! continue reading
Have you ever wondered about God? I don’t just mean wondered about whether He exists or not. I assume because you are reading this you probably believe in His existence. Rather, have you ever wondered about who He is? Really, it almost feels as though this is the next step in coming to know our Creator. First, we ask ourselves if He truly exists. When we affirm that belief, we then come next to ask, “Well, if He exists, then who is He?” continue reading
Are you surprised by this question? God commanded Israel to rest on the Sabbath because that is what He did. He created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then rested from His work on the seventh. Keeping the Sabbath is also one of the Ten Commandments God gave to Moses and even inscribed it on tablets of stone! Yet, from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, there were questions about the Sabbath, questions that continue to this day. continue reading
Some Christians practice adult baptism, some baptize infants. Some believe it is an essential part of Christian life; others regard it as optional. Some baptize by immersion, some by sprinkling a few drops of water or by pouring water from a cup. What is baptism really about? Why does it seem so important in New Testament times and the Christianity preached then? And what does it have to do with me? continue reading
Death. We don’t really like to think about this subject. It reminds us too readily of the fragility of our own lives. But why must it be like this? Explore the answer to this question as given by God in the Bible. Find out about the origin and cause of death. Discover the hope God offers those who are willing to hear Him. continue reading
Is there a supernatural being at the root of all the evil we see in our world? The Devil does make a frightening plot for a movie, but does such a being actually exist? By taking a close look at ourselves through the witness of the Bible, we can arrive at an answer to our question. The exploration of the origin of moral evil may be uncomfortable, but it will make way for a clearer understanding of our world and ourselves. Even better, it can lead us to a greater appreciation of God’s purpose with this world—and with us. continue reading
“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”
2 Timothy 3:16-17
As someone who grew up without any religion and full of skepticism about the Bible, my journey to discovering Biblical Christianity may resonate with the reader. I didn’t expect to end up believing these things; indeed, I was very resistant at first, but the weight of what I found could not be dismissed. In this booklet I share not only the many things I learned along the way about God, His Word and His purpose in our world, but also something of the people I encountered, their way of life, and the community in which I eventually found a home. I invite the reader to consider my journey and the things I discovered. My hope is that you will be encouraged to begin a similar journey of discovery. continue reading
Pain, death, cancer, stroke, accident, tragedy, natural disaster, sorrow, workplace killings—the catalog of human troubles has no end. How can the prevalence of these distressing features of human life be consistent with the existence of a loving, all-powerful God. Explore an answer to this troubling question. Discover why all arguments ultimately fail that seek to dismiss God based on the existence of evil. Consider the problems that arise with the alternative worlds we sometimes think would be better than what continue reading
Why doesn’t God speak to us today as He once did to the Jewish people? Ancient Israel heard God’s actual voice and saw manifestations of His great power. Wouldn’t this convince people today who have turned the silence of God into a reason to deny His existence? Wouldn’t this clear away the confusion of the multiple voices all claiming to speak on God’s behalf? One voice, one message! It is obvious God has not chosen this way to communicate with us. What is not obvious is why. In this booklet, the reader is invited to: Discover why God doesn’t operate this way. Learn a vital lesson God taught both Moses and the prophet Elijah who wanted God to speak to the people by showing His great power. Find out about the real purpose for miracles, including the miraculous gifts given to Jesus’ disciples in the first century. Uncover the truth about what the gifts of the Holy Spirit could and could not do. continue reading
Human suffering. We struggle with the existence of suffering, especially when it comes close to us. “If God is so loving, why did He let this happen to me?” Is there an explanation for human suffering? One that makes sense, and, one that helps us understand the role of a loving God in such suffering? That is the purpose of this booklet. This is not an abstract, esoteric explanation; it is written by someone who has had to confront these questions in his own life. continue reading
This booklet is about understanding God, considering evidence for His existence, and what He is offering to mankind. Between our devotion to material concerns, our pursuit of pleasure, and the rise of a strident atheism based on a biased interpretation of scientific data, it is no surprise the western world has come to regard God as a baseless and useless superstition. But has this new age of godlessness produced a better world for us all? Have the evils of the past resident in our human thinking and behavior been banished from our societies? What if there really is a God who created this universe and sustains it everyday? continue reading
This booklet is intended as an introduction to basic biblical teaching. It will be challenging reading, but we invite you to consider the teachings presented with your Bible open. Test everything you read here with what your Bible says. If your Bible does not confirm what is said, then do not believe what you read in this booklet. Only what God has given us in the Bible should be our guide and the source of our faith and actions. continue reading
A better world? Isn’t this what motivates many people? Reforms of all kind continue to be tried. Many have sacrificed time, money, and even their lives in the pursuit of a better world, a world without poverty, without injustice and evil; a place where children can grow without fear of the devastations from war, of abuse and neglect, of poverty and malnutrition. And yet, our world continues to be filled with all these things, seemingly impervious to the advances of science and government and other human interventions. Is this truly all we have to look forward to? Unfulfilled promises of grand change? continue reading

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